S-English 9
Levels Offered: Academic 014

English 9 stresses the introduction to principles of writing, vocabulary building, grammar, speaking, and listening, as well as, introducing students to new authors and their works. All students are required to keep a writing folder and will write a minimum of 12 essays. A research paper is also required for all freshmen.

S-English 10
Levels Offered: Academic 024

English 10 provides the student with further instruction in the principles of writing, vocabulary building, grammar, speaking, and listening. Continued emphasis on reading and its interpretation is stressed through short stories, drama, novels, poetry, and essays. All students are required to keep a writing folder.

S-English 11
Levels Offered: Academic 034 

English I I provides the student with the ability to reline skills associated with grammar, writing, speaking, listening, and reading. The techniques of narration, description, exposition, and argumentation are developed. American literature is studied in depth. All students are required to keep a writing holder and will write a minimum of 12 essays as well as a research paper.

Title: S-English 12
Levels Offered: Academic 044

This senior year intensive instruction is geared towards student life after graduation. Students study world literature and writing. All students will be required to keep a writing folder and will write a minimum of 12 essays.  The capstone project will be an extensive research paper.

History & Social Science

American History Grade 9
Level: S-Academic 116

American History 9 students will be introduced to the historical, cultural, geographical, economic, Political, and social trends from the mid-19th Century to the mid-20th Century. Students will read primary source material related to the industrialization of America, the emerging role of America in international affairs, World War I, the Great Depression and World War ii.

American History Grade 10
Level: S-Academic 126

American History 10 students will continue their study of our nation's history from the Mid-20th Century to current time. This course is the continuation of the American History 9 course. An emphasis is placed on the primary source documents related to this period.

World History
Level: S-Academic 163

This is a survey course that covers the period of time from the fall of Rome to modern time. Students will study the history of major civilizations and major political leaders of this period. The causes and consequences of the great military events along with the political, economic. Ethnic and religious developments and conflicts in the world today will be discussed. Through the use of maps, students will have familiarization with the names and locations of the countries in the world.

American Government
Level: S-Academic 171

American Government is designed for seniors who desire an in-depth study of American Government beginning with our founding fathers. World affairs and the problems related to citizenship are discussed. A familiarity with the immediate and long-range conflicts and problems in the current national scene and the cultural, social, and political forces that influence them are essential parts of the course.


S-Algebra 1A
Level: Academic 210

Algebra IA is the first half of a two-year Algebra I course. The course covers selected topics from Algebra 1 as well as selected topics from geometry, statistics, and data analysis. This is a course for Grade 9 students only.

S-Informal Geometry
Level: Academic 220

Informal Geometry will follow Algebra I A. The course will cover most traditional geometry topics as well as many algebra topics. The emphasis will be on numerical and algebraic applications instead of formal proof. Use of technology will be included.

S-Algebra 2A
Level: Academic 205

Algebra 2A is a continuation of Algebra 1 A. The course completes the coverage of topics traditionally covered in Algebra 1 and continues on to second year algebra topics. This is a course for Grade 11 students.

S-Algebra 2I3
Level: Academic 234

Algebra 213 is a continuation of Algebra 2A. The course completes the coverage of topics traditionally covered in Algebra 2. This is a course for Grade 12 students.

Level: Academic 244

Pre-calculus prepares students for a first course in calculus. It centers around the function concept and it provides a thorough treatment of the algebra or functions. Pre-calculus concentrates on two major topics Analytic Geometry and Trigonometry. It discusses and extends the concepts of solid geometry. 

Pre-calculus proceeds rapidly and makes extensive demands on the student. Students electing the course must be willing to invest a substantial amount of time on homework assignments.

S-Introduction to Calculus
Level: Academic 253
Prerequisites: Successful completion of Pre-Calculus by the end of junior year. 

Introduction to Calculus is a frill year course for seniors who have completed Pre-calculus. Term one will consist of preparation for the SAT as well as a review of analytic geometry and trigonometry. The remaining three terms will introduce the study of calculus and its applications.

S-Algebra 1
Level: Academic 206

Algebra I include a thorough treatment of the fundamental processes of elementary algebra as well as selected topics from statistics and discrete mathematics. Problem solving, reasoning, communication skills and technology are emphasized.

Level: Academic 225

Geometry develops the properties of geometric figures in two and three dimensions. Numerical applications are given considerable treatment. Although all results are derived using deductive methods, the emphasis on formal proof depends on the level of geometry taken.

S-Algebra 2
Level:  Academic 233

Algebra 2 is a continuation of the study of algebra begun in Algebra I. It covers many topics of advanced algebra and includes the introduction of trigonometry. Algebra 2 emphasizes the development of algorithms as problem solving tools and introduces students to the use of functions. Students taking Algebra 2 honors must have complete mastery of Algebra topics.

S-Algebra 3
Level: Academic 241

This course will reinforce, deepen, and build upon previous algebra topics. Topics selected from probability, statistics, analytic geometry, advance algebra, trigonometry, and pre-calculus will also be covered.

Level: Academic 243

Trigonometry is a one (I) semester course that is offered second semester. It is a complete course in trigonometry. The trigonometric functions, fundamental identities, basic formulas, and graphing techniques are treated. Emphasis is placed on numerical techniques and applications. Students not taking pre-calculus but who want to specialize in engineering or a scientific discipline should take trigonometry.


S-Grade 9 Introductory Physics
Level: Academic 317

This course introduces students to a variety of topics dealing with energy and the motion of objects, and it prepares students to take the MCAS Introductory Physics test in June. Specific topics include waves, heat, motion, electricity, energy, and momentum. Students will use simple mathematical analysis and experimentation to develop problem-solving skills.

S-College Preparatory Biology
Level: Academic 323

College Preparatory Biology is the study of the structure of living things and their ecological relationships, with an emphasis on molecular and cell biology. The course helps students develop an appreciation and understanding of the roles of classification, ecology, heredity, evolution, and it provides an introduction to human body systems.

S-Academic Chemistry
Level: Academic 333

Academic Chemistry surveys the concepts and principles of chemistry. Topics studied include measurement, matter and energy, atomic structure, nuclear chemistry, formulas, and equations, solutions, electrochemistry, acids and bases, and gases. However, the topics are covered in a less rigorous manner than they are in Honors Chemistry.

S-Earth Science
Level: Academic 3I3

Why do we have seasons? Could we live on the moon? What causes a massive earthquake or a devastating tsunami? Find out these answers and uncover the physical mysteries of our planet in Earth Science. Enjoy visual-based lectures and apply your new expertise to real-life practice in geology, geography, oceanography, and meteorology through activities and class discussions. Current events in environmental science and astronomy are also explored.

Academic Physics
Level: Academic 343

Physics is the study of natural phenomena. This course presents a variety of topics such as motion, light (waves), heat, and electricity. Since some emphasis is placed on mathematical analysis and real-life problem scenarios, this course will help to develop individual problem-solving skills. This course will be helpful in the future study of the sciences.

S-Environmental Science
Level: Academic 373 (seniors only)

Environmental Science explores the effects of the ever increasing number of people who inhabit our planet. The various methods 01' preserving the earth's natural resources will be presented and studied. Special emphasis will be placed on water and air quality.

Human Anatomy and. Physiology (seniors only)
Level: Academic 346

Human Anatomy and Physiology explores the structure and [unction of the human body. Topics include the study of the skeletal, muscular, nervous, circulatory, immune, endocrine, and reproductive systems as well as current scientific literature. In addition the honors level will study the lymphatic system and the regulation of fluids and electrolytes. Human Anatomy and Physiology is designed to help prepare students fur careers in the medical field, allied health, sports training, and biology as well as those who simply wish to develop a better understanding of their bodies.