Detective Fumicello

School resource officers (SROs) are police officers who work in elementary, middle and high schools. They are responsible for working with school administrators, security staff and faculty on developing comprehensive safety plans to ensure schools are safe places for students to learn. Safety plan development: Schools have safety protocols in place to ensure students and staff are safe from harm. SRO duties include help in developing best practices and then conducting drills - such as active shooter drills - for students and teachers to help prepare for the potential of a hostile threat to the school. Law enforcement education: School resource officers may give assembly presentations on subjects including school safety, the dangers of drug abuse and bullying, and online safety tips. SRO duties may also include being called upon to educate teachers and staff about various safety precautions and dangers. SRO’s help protect against theft and property damage, assist in medical emergencies and reduce calls for 911. They are also proactive, working in a counseling role, helping to avert crisis before it blows out of control. They may meet with and counsel troubled students, refer students to outside social services as necessary, participate in parent conferences and play a role in disciplinary action as necessary. SRO duties may include working as part of the school staff, as well as part of their police department, in a liaison capacity.



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WMHS - 781 937 8210 X10316

CELL -    781 760 7364

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