Integrated Preschool at the Shamrock Elementary School

         Children are eligible for the Special Education Preschool Program in two ways. Typically developing children must attend and pass a preschool screening to be eligible for the fee-based program, which has limited availability. Screenings are held three times a year on the first Wednesday of October, February, and April.  Typically developing children must be 3 years of age before September 1 of the current year and toilet trained. Children can also be referred to the program for concerns with their development either through Early Intervention Services or through concerns during the screening process.  An evaluation will be conducted to determine eligibility for specialized instruction. Children identified as requiring specialized instruction are eligible (after their 3rd birthday, with a signed Individual Education Plan (IEP) that includes preschool-based services) to attend free.  A very small number of students, with severe needs, may be eligible for a full day program based on the proposed IEP.  Students who pass the screening are eligible to attend, for a monthly fee, as a typical peer.

         The program has two sessions; the AM (8:30-11:00) and PM (11:50-2:20) four days a week- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and follows the Woburn Public School calendar. There are no regular sessions on Wednesdays. While we try to accommodate requests, we cannot guarantee availability in either the AM or PM slot.

         To enroll for the next screening or for more information please call:

Lynda Riley – Preschool Secretary:  Special Education Department, located in the Joyce Middle School Administration Offices, 3rd floor:  781-937-8233 ext. 11253.