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It is my pleasure to introduce myself and the Kennedy Health Services Homepage. This year I will be writing monthly "News Worthy Items" intended to give you information that will shed light on potential health issues that may impact your child's learning. Monthly "health topics" or suggested topics to read will be selected based on my years of experience as a middle school nurse and the education I continue to receive while working with the finest teachers in Woburn - The Kennedy Teaching Staff.  

While I provide a lot of health related information and education over the phone during my day, it is my personal goal to make my "news to you" on this web page topics which reflect current trends and health related circumstances facing our kids today. Looking back over the last 8 years I can honestly say I have gained a wealth of knowledge from speaking to Woburn parents and hope this forum will generate more insight and collaboration during this academic year, and many more to come.  

Amy J. Rae MEd, BSN, RN  

781-937-8230 x 12313


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Please check back here for health related updates from the Nurse.  Thanks!

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