Welcome to the Hurld Wyman Elementary School

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Hurld Wyman Mission Statement:

Hurld-Wyman houses approximately 390 students in grades kindergarten to five with a staff of 18 classroom teachers supported by specialists and teaching assistants.  The Hurld-Wyman school (and all schools in Woburn) endorses a model of inclusion with services provided in the classroom wherever it is possible. At the Hurld-Wyman School we strongly value our shared beliefs about learning that make up the culture of the school.  Our mission is to develop a school culture which not only supports a child centered environment, but also provides a clear focus on student learning.  We have the responsibility to present a meaningful curriculum that meets the needs of all students. The school district's commitment to the success of each and every student provides direction for our instructional programs.  At Hurld-Wyman, this means that instruction will be tailored to the needs of the student and that we will do our best to see that all of our students succeed.  At Hurld-Wyman we monitor our curriculum to insure that we are teaching what the children will need to know in the future.  Students must feel connected to the curriculum and know that they are learning skills that will benefit them throughout their entire lives.