Strategic Plan Continuous Improvement Cycle

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Date: June 11, 2018

To: Woburn Public Schools, School Committee Members

From: Dr. Matthew Crowley, Superintendent

The Woburn Public Schools (WPS) Strategic Plan is the result of many conversations between stakeholders and the need to align of our school district's vision and the ever evolving and changing environment in which we live. The WPS has pursued a comprehensive strategic planning process, based on educational research and best practice, and we have drafted this document to guide our work over the next 3-5 years. We thank students, teachers, community members, and administration for their wisdom, insights, and support during this process.

The common insight running through all discussions and deliberations was a desire to protect, cultivate and strengthen the WPS.  Preciscely because we live in an era of unprecedented change, disruption, and innovation, the WPS Strategic Plan seeks to create a remarkable synthesis between tradition and modern change. We seek to honor and protect the sacred traditions of the WPS and also ensure that our students will graduate prepared and inspired with the values, habits of mind, and creativity to make a profound difference in the world. Simultaneously, we aspire to create a system that encourages innovation, collaboration, and problem solving. In short, we want it all, for all students! The WPS is an amazing system composed of incredible individuals who collectively join together to benefit all students.

We believe that this strategic plan represents the collective values held by our stakeholders. Although this plan is not encompassing of all the work going on in our district, it does provide guidance to accomplish important initiatives over the next 3-5 years. It is with great enthusiasm and appreciation of the active and committed engagement of our community that we share our Woburn Public Schools Strategic Plan.