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Woburn Public Schools English Learners Manual

Free Adult English Classes Offered.  Please click one of the links below for more information.  Thanks!


The Woburn Public Schools EL Program currently services approximately 200 students, from Kindergarten through 12th Grade.  The program is staffed by 11 full-time certified EL Teachers, 1 EL Paraprofessional, and 6 EL Tutors. There are 2 EL Dept. Coordinators - one elementary and one secondary.

Please view 'Links' for some helpful sites for parents of EL students in Woburn.


EL Teacher Contact Information

Woburn Memorial High School

(781) 937-8210

Elyse Purchia (EL Teacher)  epurchia@woburnps.com

Janet Smizer (EL Teacher)    jsmizer@woburnps.com

Lisa McCabe (EL Paraprofessional)   limccabe@woburnps.com


Joyce Middle School

(781) 937-8233

Kate Scanlon (EL Tutor)   kscanlon@woburnps.com

Veronica Contieri (EL Paraprofessional) vcontieri@woburnps.com


Kennedy Middle School

(781) 937- 8230

Adrienne Helmick (EL Teacher) ahelmick@woburnps.com


Altavesta Elementary School

(781) 937-8235

Dale Brazell  (EL Teacher)   dbrazell@woburnps.com


Goodyear Elementary School

(781) 937-8237

Claudette Sabbag (EL Teacher/Coordinator-Elementary)  csabbag@woburnps.com


Hurld Wyman Elementary School

(781) 937-8243

Kate Scanlon (EL Tutor)   kscanlon@woburnps.com

Cathy Izzo (EL Tutor)  cizzo@woburnps.com


Linscott Elementary School

(781) 937-8239

Linda Riley (EL Teacher)  lmriley@woburnps.com


Reeves Elementary School

(781) 937-8240

Amanda Sheehan (EL Teacher) asheehan@woburnps.com


Shamrock Elementary School

(781) 937-8241

Shirley Morgan (EL Teacher)  smorgan@woburnps.com

Malcolm White Elementary School

(781) 937-8242

Leslie Collins (EL Teacher)  lacollins@woburnps.com